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Real Estate Development Leader

Conshohocken, Pensilvania - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Propiedad y Alquiler Inmueble Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


prefers this person sits anywhere in the west coast: ideal cities-Denver, LA, SF

• Minimum 5 years experience in large-scale real estate development, preferred in retail development
• Proven experience in effectively managing teams or projects
• Previous experience in contract negotiations with landowners, landlords and other parties
• Previous experience of dealing with governmental authorities and the public
• Delivery of locations and planning permits
• Securing locations in a timely, cost conscious manner with minimized risks
• Ability to work with Ingka investment procedures and establishment process


Responsible for all aspects of securing locations and related permits within a country/district, and deliver safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions based on business needs in the country according to the real estate
scope in Ingka.

• Lead the work to secure and divest locations according to the real estate scope in Ingka, by delivering safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions that meet the needs of the business and the many people.
• Own, control and minimize costs and risks related to the acquisition, divestment, zoning, planning, permitting, value and operation of Ingka properties.
• Manage the procurement and contribution of all necessary external consultants and other stakeholders to enable tasks related to real estate development,
• Support definition, development and securing implementation of Ingka Groups’ internal strategies and processes related to the assignment.
• Develop working relations with local authorities and communities, and proactively engage with authorities to gain support for development, planning and permitting of Ingka business such as big box retailing, large property developments, logistic developments, shopping centres and mix-use developments.
• Lead and supervise the approval and execution of all public infrastructure, utilities and other off-site improvements in connection to all new and existing IKEA properties.
• Work with other Ingka functions, real estate partners and local authorities to finalize the projects pending legal obligation and ensure the satisfactory hand-over of completed projects along with the
relative documentation to other functions after completed acquisitions (title) and permits approval (building permit).
• Create an environment where the IKEA culture is a strong and living reality that embraces the diversity of co-workers and customers.


As engaged, open minded and curious experts in all parts of the real estate business we take responsibility for the real estate business at Ingka as trustworthy, appreciated and wanted business partner. We secure new and maintain existing physical locations in order to meet the needs of the many people.