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Fuzhou, Fujian - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Riesgos y Cumplimiento Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


College degree or above, veteran from army / fire brigade is preferred. 大专以上学历,退伍军人或前消防队员优先。
5+ years working experience and 3+ years similar role in large-scale shopping mall, hotel, public buildings. 5年以上从业经验及3年以上大型购物中心、酒店或公共建筑类似岗位经验。
Professional qualification / certificate for fire safety or property management. 具备消防安全管理或物业管理相关资质与证书,持有《建(构)筑物消防员》证书者优先。
Be familiar with the knowledge / operation skills of fire system, intrusion alarm system, access control system and CCTV system, etc. 熟悉消防、安防系统的相关知识与操作技能,包括但不限于:消防系统、入侵报警系统、门禁控制系统、视频监控系统等。
Rich experience on emergency response, such as fire, personal injury, crime, natural hazard and terror attack, etc. 丰富的紧急情况处置经验,比如火灾、人身意外伤害、犯罪活动、自然灾害、恐怖袭击等。
Be familiar with the knowledge / operation skills of Microsoft Office software, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 熟悉Microsoft Office办公软件的相关知识与操作技能,比如Word, Excel, PowerPoint。
Good skills on communication as well as analysing / solving problems. 良好的沟通能力,以及分析问题、解决问题的能力。
Be earnest and responsible in the work, be able to work under pressure. 工作认真负责、能胜任较大工作压力。


Support safety & security manager / Team leader to secure the life safety of co-workers, customers, tenants and prevent any loss to SC’s properties. 协助风险控制经理/主管确保购物中心员工、顾客和租户的人身安全以及购物中心的财产安全。
Support safety & security manager / team leader to deploy and prepare Sec-Check and IKEA Blue audit, ensure the results achieve management’s expectation via training, check and rectification action. 协助风险控制经理/主管部署和实施针对Sec-Check、IKEA Blue审计的相关准备工作,通过必要的培训、检查、整改等行动,确保购物中心及风险控制部门的评估结果达到管理层的要求。
Perfect yourself on the function / operation skills for fire system, security systems and emergency processes. 熟练掌握消防系统以及各安防系统的主要功能和具体操作技能,熟练掌握涉及本部门工作的所有相关流程和应急处置预案。
Daily safety & security missions including but not limited to shift route work, control centre, supervise external guard, access control, traffic management, safety check for tenant area, event security, emergency response, etc. 完成风险控制经理/主管分配的相关日常工作,包括但不限于:各班次例行工作、中控室值班、外保工作监督、门禁控制、交通管理、租户安全巡查、租户装修巡查、营销活动安保、应急处置等。
Any tasks assigned by safety & security manager / team leader. 风险控制经理/主管安排的其它工作。