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<IKEA Japan/Chiba>Real Estate Development Leader-Full Time

Hamachō, Chiba-ken - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Propiedad y Alquiler Inmueble Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


1. Speak English
2. Candidate shall share IKEA Values
3. Team player
4. Strong Real Estate Development background in Japan, many deals done
5. Experience working in International Companies

• Budget management: Knowledge of how to plan, organise and manage costs and
expenditures for a business or organisation.
• Business risk management: Knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a
business environment.
• Human resources: Knowledge of how to plan, attract, grow, deploy, reward and
support co-workers & leaders and their careers in IKEA.
• Project management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project.
• Change management: Knowledge of how to create and implement change initiatives and manage stakeholders in Ingka.
• Real estate development: Knowledge of the whole process for land scouting,
acquisition, zoning, planning, development and permitting for large scale retail and/or mix-use developments including retail.
• Sustainable real estate development: Knowledge of how to assess a site
(greenfield or brownfield) meeting set sustainability requirements when doing real
estate development. Knowledge of how to incorporate sustainability requirements into due diligence process
• Internal real estate development and approval processes in Ingka: Knowledge
of the internal real estate development processes, instructions, rules, templates and approval process, including coordination of stakeholders, to secure locations.
• Real estate leases: Knowledge about how to investigate, negotiate & structure , secure permits, and acquire premises for the different needs within Ingka
• Property divestment: Knowledge of the process of selling property assets with
Ingka, consisting of real estate investigations, review of obligations & site relations, implementing mitigating actions, valuation and investigations of potential buyers, negotiations and creating of business case.

•Build Strong Relationships
•Collaborate & Co-create
•Create customer value
•Lead with IKEA Values
•Inspire & Clarify
•Unleash Entrepreneurs

Job-specific capabilities
• Driving innovation: Stimulates creative ideas and perspectives that add value.
• Relationship building: Develops virtual and other collaborative relationships to facilitate current and future objectives.
• Leading others: Demonstrates general leadership ability and effectiveness.
• Processing information: Gathers, organises, and analyses digital and other
sources of information in an objective manner.
• Negotiating: Explores alternatives to reach outcomes acceptable to all parties.

Key previous experiences and proven skills
• Previous experience in contract negotiations with landowners, landlords and other parties.
• Ability to negotiate with Public Authorities at the highest levels
• Previous experience at management level
• Proven multi-year experience and background in large and complex retail real estate land development, zoning, planning and permitting
• Academic degree in law/urban planning/business administration/architecture
• Knowledge of Ingka investment procedures and establishment process


• Within the area of real estate development, develop and implement standards, guidelines, methods, tools, sustainability best practise and innovation to ensure delivery of safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions that meet the needs of the business and the many people.
• Develop the real estate development competence in Ingka in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and supporting functions.
• Deliver support and guidance to the clusters and countries related to real estate development.
• Review & support cluster organisation projects, as needed and in line with approval processes.
• Support to assess risks in the real estate and development process and help to elaborate tools and strategies to minimize them.
• Investigate and suggest different real estate and development methods to advance the Ingka business in restrictive planning environments.
• Collect and share “best practices” and good solutions as well as connecting countries with similar challenges and situations during their real estate development, planning and permitting processes.

Without us it would be difficult to meet our customers in person. In our team we find, develop and manage IKEA properties around the whole world. We’re different from one another but we are all passionate about real estate. We challenge and inspire each other to always stay close to IKEA customers and to understand how the changes within retail effects our needs of real estate.