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Kunming, Yunnan Sheng - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Customer Relations Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


• Deep knowledge within designated area of expertise.
• Deep knowledge of relevant Service & Sales Support and Customer Resolution processes, tools and working methods at the Customer Support Centre.
• Knowledge of the IKEA Range.
• Knowledge of training and facilitation.
• Knowledge about customer support and how to meet the customer the IKEA way.
• Knowledge of customer contact communication skills.
• Ability to share information, knowledge and experience with colleagues in a simple, inspirational and pedagogical way.
• Good supporting and communication skills (both verbal and written), being able to describe complex topics in a comprehensive way.
• Ability to understand customer needs and expectations and how to link them to business needs.
• Good ability to build relationships and interact with colleagues and stakeholders.
• Ability to deep dive into an area and build specialist knowledge.
• Stress-resistant and able to work in a dynamic retail environment.


• Be an integrated part of the daily Customer Support Centre operations sharing knowledge and supporting Generalists to handle and finalise the enquiries to deliver a world class experience.
• Work actively to gain and maintain a high level of expertise in one or more designated specialist areas within a Customer Support Centre.
• Handle customer contacts as a Generalist part time, to not lose reality and customer focus.
• Be an active counterpart to stakeholders outside the Customer Support Centre connected to the area of expertise, (e.g. Sales leader, Customer Fulfilment Responsible, Service Provider) to always keep the specialist knowledge up to date.
• Secure that all information within the area of expertise, both co-worker and customer facing, is relevant and up to date in all information sources.
• Conduct trainings within area of expertise for Customer Support Centre co-workers.
• Conduct complex case handling in those enquiries where the Customer Support Centre Generalists are not able to finalise the enquiry even with support.
• Actively suggest improvements in order to enhance both the co-worker and customer experience to achieve the business goals.
• Understand the unit action plan and actively contribute in achieving the goals.


• Customer Experience is a strategic function that leads and supports the focus on the customer and their experience (including the product offer), to provide a world-class home furnishing retail experience, in all channels.
• We improve, develop and innovate the customer experience in and across three strong channels; Web, Ecommerce & Digital, Customer Support Centres and Physical channels and all customer experience processes.