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Meeting Place Sales Specialist

Roncadelle, Región de Lombardía - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Propiedad y Alquiler Inmueble Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


(Additional Mall Income Sales Specialist- Title for External)

To optimise the meeting place experience for the many people to drive visitation to the Meeting Places and IKEA and deliver sustainable business growth for our Partners and Meeting Places. Achieve operational results, drive efficiency improvements and enhance commercial performance and brand value of the Meeting Places.
To maximise, in cooperation with Sales Team, the commercialisation of the Meeting Place through nonleasing income streams, securing a relevant and strong offer for the local customer.

• Strategy Development - Knowledge of how to set direction, create and manage long-term plans, set budgets and goals, and follow up on KPIs
• Synergy leasing - Knowledge of how to create synergise among tenants, that ensures a complementary offer for the customers
• Innovation selling - Knowledge of sales steering methods and tools to draw co-workers, decision makers, partners, stakeholders and final customers 'attention to prioritized products and/or ideas to reach innovative project commercial goals
• Partner Management (Collaborate Management)- Knowledge of how to identify, build and maintain trustful relationships with partners in a responsible way, by selling and sharing an idea to collaborate around
• Partnership development - Knowledge of how to identify, build and maintain trustful relationships with partners in a responsible way, by selling and sharing an idea to collaborate around
• Local meeting place - Knowledge about the meeting place business and ways of working to ensure ways of supporting and leading IKEA people in the meeting place, and business results


• In cooperation with Sales Team, creates a local Commercialization plan (Local Sales Strategy and plan) based on the Meeting Place uniqueness and customer needs.
• Develop local sales and commercial activities based on our company culture, customer promises and long term business strategies.
• Negotiates new deals, renewals and amendments. Manages the deal flow process with prospective partners, centre operations and other relevant functions.
• Take part in additional income budgeting process, be responsible for costs optimization (in respect of additional income expenses) and perform financial analysis of additional income (monthly follow up)
• Strive to utilize all business opportunities to commercialize the Meeting Place in order to increase the share of Income, ensuring that it blends with the Tenant mix and IKEA offer.
• Explore more sales of short term activities with frequently changing themes to make commercial activities more vital, seasonal, flexible and attractive to customers both commercially but also creating more meaning and value in MPM.
• Take active listening approach, constant feedback and engage the customers and partners into the quick prototyping of the new ideas and concepts.
• Responsible for implementing at local level, global partnerships that have been agreed for the specific Meeting Place
• Maintain the existing partners, constantly strive to bring and engage the new partners (e.g. members of the local community, NGOs, commercial partners).
• Ensure smooth and seamless cooperation with MP operations, marketing and leasing teams to find new and alternative ways to increase footfall and sales.