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Digital Channels Administrator

Shangai, Shanghai Shi - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta eCommerce Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


•High knowledge of how to set goals, deliver and follow up
• Good knowledge of how matrix organizations operate
• High knowledge in invoice back office systems and processes
• Good knowledge in Excel, eVoice
• Good knowledge of IKEA corporate identity,core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people
• Passionate and persistent on details
• Energized by day to day operation, delivering hands-on result
• Motivated to continuously learn and adapt in complex situations
• Energized by working both independently and interdependently and across teams and functions
• Share and live the IKEA culture and values


• Check all invoice details and local logistical information before issue, thereby ensuring that an accurate invoice is received by the customer
• 开具发票前检查所有发票详细和当地后勤信息,确保顾客收到准确无误的发票内容。
• Responsible for issuing Special Value-Added Tax (VAT) in accordance with local regulations and the invoice assets
• 负责根据当地法规和发票资产开具特殊增值税发票(VAT)
• Align with the finance and tax team in each Digital Channels commercial activity to ensure accuracy of invoice
• 与每个线上渠道商业活动中涉及的财务和税务团队保持沟通一致,以确保发票内容的准确性。
• Support the management team in defining, measuring and following up on KPIs, including acting on deviations
• 协助管理团队定义、衡量和跟进KPIs,包括偏差调整。
• Monitor and evaluate the invoice issuing process, improve efficiency, seek better ways of working
• 监管和评估发票开具过程,提高效率,寻求更好的工作方式。
• Support CFO/Risk in evaluating the invoice issuing process
• 辅助CFO或进行发票开具流程风险评估