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Store Design Manager

Shangai, Shanghai Shi - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Expansión Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


• Experience of delivering in the design work in large-sized commercial Retail pre-projects, retail business or similar operation.
• Experience of communication with all organizational levels, including decision makers on the international level.
• Experience with Establishment standards, methods and tools.
• Being a talented communicator and great at building strong working relationships.

• Being creative and whilst being able to follow established frameworks.
• Proven ability to maintain effective work behavior in the face of setbacks or pressure.
• Good understanding of local building code and other local requirements.
• Design know-how and experience from Retail Projects.
• Proven reputation as a team player.


• Responsible to maximise the expected pre-project results by securing the optimized planning of IKEA CMP from the first ideas till readiness of Conceptual Drawings. The Store Design Manager is the natural speaking partner towards architects and planning specialists.
• Contributes to the realisation of the pre-project plan based on the specific pre-project brief, carrying out the store design work and feasibility studies in the pre-project according the pre-project plan
• Act as speaking-partner to the Real Estate Project Manager in the site selection and acquisition process, aiming to represent the Retail organisation and optimize IKEA´s positioning.
• Represent the Retail organisation in the store design process. Coordinate and prepare Retailer Input in the design process, aiming to create a solid foundation for a well functioning and profitable IKEA business through the sales channel IKEA CMP.
• Contributes with the design work for Store In Shape As New Investments which impact the store architecture.
• Contributes to the establishment of the necessary input for the Investment Request
• Contributes to the project realisation by a proper handover of the different design work deliveries from the pre-project phase to relevant functions in the project phase.
• Contributes to evaluating the results and documenting the pre-project.
• Represent the Retail organisation in the store design follow up after store opening.
• Contribute to the continuous improvement of Establishment Pre-Projects, resulting from input collected from pre-project and project evaluations.
• Contribute to the development and continuous improvement of project management tools and methods related to Retail Establishment Projects required in the pre-project phase.
• Contribute to the definition and update of the Retail Establishment Project Portfolio
• Contribute to the implementation of the annual action plan of the function Property.
• Supporting project design manager in the local design process
• Contribute to the continuous improvement of the local establishment process
• Resource planning of the project design managers.
• Assuming responsibility for other tasks and projects as they occur.


With the customer at the heart of everything we do, the Market Expansion team takes responsibility for implementing the strategic expansion plan for our market. We act upon business needs based on market data and we optimize accessibility and penetration of the local market. We implement our retailing concepts and secure that we fully utilise our assets in the new world of IKEA – all at lowest cost, with economy of scale and sustained profitability