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Systems Engineer

Shangai, Shanghai Shi - Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta Informática y Soluciones Digitales Jornada completa

Descripción del trabajo


We are looking for a passionate Systems Engineer who strives for engineering excellence and excels in constantly changing environments. You are excited about systems architecture, modern technologies (Edge computing, IoT, private/hybrid cloud PaaS offerings at a global scale and you want to take part in shaping the future of IKEA! We are looking for new collages.

We believe you have several years of managing Hyperconverged Infrastructure and MS Windows server experience and willing to grow into other Infrastructure area such as Linux OS, Serverless compute hosting, etc.
We value knowledge in Store, Offices and Warehouse environment (Industrial automation hosting)
We believe that you have extensive knowledge in infrastructure automation including infrastructure as code
We believe you have experience in designing and managing high availability solution including clustering
We value leadership and coaching in our team members

•Extensive knowledge and experience of being the full stack infrastructure/technology expert having the background of MS Windows Server products
•Extensive knowledge and experience of creating innovative and fully automated infrastructure/technology platforms.
•Extensive knowledge in Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology.
•Extensive knowledge and experience of automation and scripting (Terraform, Ansible, Python, PowerShell), common development concepts such as Git, CI/CD and working with REST API’s to enable engineers and developers to consume our services
•Extensive knowledge and experience of collaboration cross-functionally with DevOps teams across the organization to architect, onboard, automate and troubleshoot infrastructure/technology
•Extensive knowledge in server management, monitoring, dashboard creation in enterprise environment
•Constant desire to learn, improve and enable other to grow in your area of expertise
•Experience from a retail or distribution business is beneficial, but not excluding.


'- Take escalation from 2nd level support and manage bought service.
- Be a part of the development, provisioning, operation and life-cycle management of core infrastructure solutions through automation and self-service capabilities in our warehouses, stores and offices globally
-Ensure and review systems compliance towards legislations, policies or other requirements
-Take responsibility for cooperation and align key stakeholders throughout the IKEA Group with interdependencies towards Group Digital to develop Product/Service design and technical roadmaps
-You will establish the needed dashboards for visualization of our service metrics such as usage, cost and compliancy to ensure our efficiency.


As a Systems Engineer within Distributed Hosting, you will be a part of the team responsible for designing and delivering well designed, secure and scalable core infrastructure solutions to support consumers across IKEA globally. You will be surrounded by skilled & experienced engineers that are organized in small fully empowered Agile teams.

We are on a journey to assist our consumers with shifting from traditional compute solutions into scalable, loosely coupled & secure patterns that help improve the business objectives and enable agility, scalability and flexibility for our consumers.
We strive in the modernization of our area based on consumer needs. We are on a constant journey to assist our consumers with shifting infrastructure technology to be the market leader in our business.

We value consumer feedback promptly to enable fast respond to resolution. We believed we will gain development speed via building infrastructure as code. We are responsible for the things we build and design throughout the whole life-cycle, which means operations is an important part of our work.

The IKEA culture and values are very much a part of our business and day to day work life. For you to thrive and grow with IKEA it’s important for us that you share our values!

At IKEA, we welcome all dimensions of diversity. A diverse and inclusive workplace is good for our co-workers,... Simply put, we believe the uniqueness of every individual makes IKEA better!